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This section must include all the languages used in the document we are publishing, that is, it must include not only those that the edited text contains, but also those of the translations. It is mandatory in all the XML-TEIs.

For example:

	<language ident="la" ana="source">Latín</language>
	<language ident="en" ana="translation">Inglés</language>
	<language ident="es" ana="translation">Español</language>

It is composed solely of <language>tags, which indicate in the node the name of each of the languages in Spanish, and it must contain two attributes:

  • @identthis serves to identify the language using the official abbreviation. See the full list in the chapter @lang:usage.
  • @ana: this is to indicate which version the text corresponds to. It can be the original text ("source"), or one of the translations ("translation").

It will be necessary to add a <language> tag for each of the languages of the edition.

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