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This final section allows us to classify each edition within the database of our Library. It is essential to complete it correctly.

A model:

	<catRef scheme="#genre" target="#epic"/>

It contains only one tag <catRef> (category reference), which indicates the category of the text within a textual taxonomy or typology. Two attributes are defined:

  • @scheme: indicates the schema of classification in which the indicated category is included. In our editions we will only classify out editions according to literary genre, and hence the value of this attribute will always be "#genre". The hash # is obligatory.
  • @target: in this case, this value indicates the literary genre of the work. In our collection, the options thus far are:
    • "#philosophy"
    • "#religion"
    • "#mythography"
    • "#correspondence"
    • "#history"
    • "#tragedy"
    • "#comedy"
    • "#epic"
    • "#lyric"
    • "#satire"

Remember that the has # always precedes the value.

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