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Alignment of original texts and translations

Our Bibliotheca includes critical editions of works with parallel translations in modern languages. You can add as many languages as you wish, but at least one must be added.

The alignment is done at four levels, which are obligatory:

  1. Indicating at the beginning of each file the language template to be used for its presentation.
  2. Placing the original text and each of its translations in independent <text> within the <group> of which the initial <text> is composed.
  3. Aligning each of the divisions and sections (<div>) into which we have divided the body of the text, so as to display them in parallel on screen next to those same divisions and sections in the translations.
  4. Aligning text and translations at the sentence and paragraph level ( <seg>segments) so that original text and translation are highlighted on screen simultaneously.

To learn how to implement each of these levels, see the other articles in this section.


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