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If you want to tag the dates that appear in your edition, both in the <teiHeader> data and in your commentary, use <date>.

<date notAfter="0092" notBefore="0091">91–92 d.C.</date>

There are several ways to indicate a date, with different sets of attributes, even combining them together, as in the examples above:

  • @from and @to: for definite start and end dates, if we want to indicate a period.
  • @notBefore and @notAfter: for dates with terminus ante quem and post quembut which are not definite. They can be used in combination to indicate a period, or individually to indicate a specific date.
  • @when: to indicate a single date on which an event takes place, when this is certain.

These attributes have a fixed format: "aaaa-mm-dd". That is: y: year, 4 digits; m: month, 2 digits; and d: day, two digits; separated by a hyphen (-). If only the year is known, only the 4 digits of the year are used. If the year has less than four digits, it is filled on the left with zeros, and a minus sign (hyphen: -) for years before Christ.

The text describing these specific data is free. For example, you can enter "c. II-I BC". This, in the attributes of <date> , should be specified with notBefore="-0200", notAfter="-0001".

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