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Divisiones: <div>

A <div> is a major division or section of text. It can be a book, a chapter, an episode, a large division of a play, etc. One will need to be created for each of these instances, depending on the structure of the work.

It’s the first tag that each <body>contains, and its organisation and structure will depend on the type of text that we are editing.

The <div> tags can be added, that is, there can be sections and subsections up to the level demanded by the text.

Three attributes must always be indicated:

  • @type: the corresponding term is placed here: "book", "chapter", "episode", etc.
  • @n: the vaue here will correspond to the canonical number that this division or section has. It is very important to maintain the traditional numeration of each of the sections of the text that we are editing, so as to make compatibility possible with the rest of the published editions of the same text.
  • @xml:id: the identifier is needed in order to be able to provide the translations in parallel. The first part of the value must always be the language code, followed by a full stop and the canonical number of the division.


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