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First Steps

This is a guide to the tagging system used in editions published as part of the Digital Library of the Theban Myth ‘Thebarum Fabula’, and was produced by the research project Oedipodioniae Thebae. Biblioteca Grecorromana sobre la guerra civil —FFI2015-68599-R (MINECO/FEDER).

Thebarum Fabula uses a personalised version of the standard established by the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)and incorporates in its critical editions numerous tags of the Critical Apparatus module, as well as those of Drama and Documentation, among others.

Our editions are in XML format, a semantic tagging language that uses tags with angle brackets to indicate the different elements of a text. To prepare an edition with this encoding, it is necessary to have a code editor with TEI-XML support, such as oXygen, which is a paid application. You can also use free code editors such as Atom, which requires the tei-framework module to be installed to correct the TEI tags and syntax, and the linter-autocomplete-jingpackage, which helps to auto-complete the final tags.

All documents published in the Thebarum Fabula collection use a schema that checks whether the tags entered are in the right position and have the correct syntax. In general, each tag can only appear in certain contexts, and the schema enforces such restrictions. The code editor used to write the documents will indicate when and where an error has been made, and will help by indicating which tags or attributes are allowed in that context.

This Guía de Etiquetado describes the instructions and decisions that have been specified for our collection of digital editions in Thebarum Fabula. It is not intended to replace the original TEI documentation, but focuses on how we use the elements defined by the TEI standard to adjust or refine each element we need to encode. For this reason only the elements we use in our editions will be described and detailed.


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